Message from the North Dakota Physical Therapy Board

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 9:11 AM | Lyndsi Klundt (Administrator)

Telehealth is allowed by the ND state practice act as the definition of telehealth includes the practice of PT.

16. " Telehealth" is the use of electronic communications to provide and deliver health-related information and health care services, including physical therapy related information and services, over any distance. Telehealth encompasses health care and health promotion activities, including education, advice, reminders, interventions, and the monitoring of interventions.  

The rules and regulations for the practice of PT apply equally regardless if a patient is seen in person or via telehealth. Reimbursement is an issue out of our control. This will need to be negotiated directly with the insurance carriers.

The following link is put out by the APTA (not the NDBPT) and may be helpful.


Bruce Wessman

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